Synoptic Report

Year Phase Eligible Students No of students received Bi-cycle
2015-16 Phase I All students of class X,XI,XII and girl students of class IX of 8 districts (AY-2015) 2517908
2016-17 Phase II Rest of the girl students and all boy students of class IX (AY-2015) 947537
2017-18 Phase III Class IX of AY-2016
Class IX of AY-2017
2018-19 Phase IV Class IX of AY-2018 1203711
2019-20 Phase V Class IX of AY-2019 1216460
2020-21 Phase VI Class IX of AY-2020 1277985
2021-22 Phase VII Class IX of AY-2021 849444
2022-23 Phase VIII Class IX of AY-2022 1150911
2023-24 Phase IX (In progress) Class IX of AY-2023 1002168
Total 12580668
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